Trying Different Positions for Maximum Sexual Pleasure

When you are paying for the sex, you expect to get maximum sexual pleasure. But if you only execute sex in one position, it can be boring. New sex positions add a different level of sexual excitement. If you are looking for different positions to try with Cheap London escorts, we have some suggestions for you. But you should remember to be extra careful when you are testing a new position.

1. Side by Side

The partners lie on the sides of the bed. They can face each other or they may face the same side. When facing the same side, the man should be behind the woman. The position is excellent for maximum pleasure with an escort. However, one person might get cramps because it requires one partner to keep their legs above the legs of the other partner.

2. Standing

You will both be standing in this position. It can be tricky to penetrate unless the woman is taller than the man. However, if the woman is short, she can stand on a stool such that she is elevated. Also, you may need to hold each other for you to get a better grip.

3. Sitting

Siting positions tend to give maximum pleasure. You can try out face sitting, where the girl gives you a blowjob while you are sitting. All you need to do is to thrust your penis inside her mouth slowly. Or if you like pleasuring your escort you may also ask her to sit down as you give her a clit job.

4. Bedside doggy style

Many people today love this position. It requires the escort to bend over and the guy to take her from behind. But to make things comfortable for the lady, you can switch the bedside for a chair or a desk.

5. Man on Top

It is one of the common sex position. In this position, the man is the one who gets on top of women and they come face to face. Although people consider it outdated, many newbies prefer to start with this position.

6. Woman on Top

Today many people are using this position to get maximum pleasure. It provides the woman with the opportunity to take control of the sex and the man with the chance to just lie down and enjoy the ride. Escorts prefer this style as it gives them a chance to be sexually confident and at the same time get the stimulation she needs to reach orgasm.

There are many sex positions you can try with your escort. But like we have earlier said, safety should be your priority. Always ensure that you take care as some of these positions may lead to injuries. So if you or your escort partner feels hurt, it is advisable that you immediately stop performing the act.

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