Engage in baby making

My wife of just two months are all for having a baby but I would like to have some serious sexy fun before we engage in baby making. There are times when I wish my wife could be more like her sister who works for the best Heathrow escorts. She is a super-hot bit of stuff, and even though I do not love her in the same way I love my wife, I think that she is super exciting. I like my wife to take a leaf out of her book, and be my own personal Heathrow escort from time to time. But, I suppose if I wanted that, I should have married a girl from cheap Heathrow escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/heathrow-escorts instead.


I love my wife, and I would like us eventually to have kids together. But, at the moment, I like to have some sexy fun. Sometimes I think that my wife likes to be the polar opposite to the girls at London escorts, and I don’t know why. The two sisters are very different, and that surprises me in many ways. After all, their mother worked for Heathrow escorts before she got married, and I would have thought a little bit of their mom would have been inbred in both of them. But, that does not seem to be the case.


Mind you, my wife is really sexy and we do have a good time in bed, but I often dream about London escorts and wonder what it would be like to have a partner who works for London escorts. Would it mean that your love life would be more exciting, and would you be having more exotic sex? I keep thinking that my life would be more like a porn movie scenario but I guess that is not true. Funnily enough, my sister-in-law’s boyfriend tells me that it is hard work going out with a girl who works for Heathrow escorts.


I know that my sister-in-law work really long hours at London escorts. A lot of it is shift work as well, and that does have the tendency to knock the stuffing out of you. I can understand that a lot of my dreams and fantasies about affordable Heathrow escorts are probably totally blown out of proportion. The thing is, it is nice to have fantasies and that is what I act on when I have sex with my wife. She knows that I am a big fantasy guy and she often plays along with me. We do have a great sex life, and I think our sex life is a lot better than many other couples that we know.


My wife is seriously into fantasy role play, and that really turns me on. But, at the same time, she says that this is not the way to make a baby. She would like to change our love life to more sensual love making she says. I can understand how she feels, but I am not sure that I am ready to tone it down just yet. Watching porn is a favorite hobby of mine, and there are times when I would like to have sex like a porn star. I am not sure if this is real or not, but I like to think it would be fun to enjoy some even more exciting sex.

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