When sexy role-play goes wrong

There was a regular weekend London S course and I had quite a few bookings from quite a few professionals that week it wasn’t uncommon as these things kind of come in waves so I was pretty prepared for a busy week at work. 

One evening I got a call from the agency and the receptionist told me that I had a four hour booking with a doctor in East London. I tend to like the bookings with clients who have quite demanding jobs as they tend to be more exciting. Let me explain more when you have a demanding job you don’t have much time to socialise or be with other human beings apart from on a professional basis so when it comes to spending time with other people those clients with demanding jobs tend to want to do everything all in one go and that makes for one exciting date. According to London escorts of https://acesexyescorts.com.

So when I heard about the booking with the doctor in East London I was super excited. I got myself ready and waiting for my driver to collect me to take me to my booking from London escort. When I arrived a tall middle-aged Middle Eastern gentleman he was well groomed open the door with a huge smile it made me feel very confident and welcome.  He immediately offered me a drink which I accepted and I have to say it’s a very good taste in wine. 

The evening started off well when is Persian when it comes to a role-playing booking at the escort agency the client and I must have a conversation about what is it that he is expecting and what it is I am willing to provide a service. The client very timidly explained that one of his deepest fantasies was to re-enact a particular Disney movie that he has love since he was a child. Automatically my defences went up as I am not a Disney fan at all I Believe that the owner of Disney is a homophobic racist and ever since I found this out I boycotted all Disney movies. So I felt a little bit out of the woods with this particular role-play fantasy. 

However in true London escort style I knew I would be able to make this doctors evening an amazing one. So the doctor proceeded to tell me what it is that he wanted to do within this role playing he wants to play the character of Aladdin and he wanted me to play the character of Jasmine. I literally have no idea who any of these characters are and I had to even text some of my girlfriends from London escort to give me a helping hand. The doctor had very kindly got me a costume to wear for the role-playing which I obliged to put on. But needless to say without any background on what the actual cartoon was about this role-play was going to be pretty pathetic. 

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