After he shared his sexual fantasy with me i wanted to run a mile

During my Charlotte Chelsea escorts career, I have met all sorts of different gents. Most of them have been okay, but there have been occasions when I have run into guys with very weird fantasies. This week, I had a date at Charlotte Chelsea escorts of who just wanted to talk to me about his sexual fantasies. When he had finished, I just wanted to run a mile, and take a long shower at the end of my run.


Most of the time, I am not put off by the gents I meet at Charlotte Chelsea escorts, but this guy really freaked me out. He was wondering why he did not have a girlfriend, and had to resort to dating Charlotte Chelsea escorts. Really? There is no wonder that this guy does not have a girlfriend, his freaky fantasies is enough to put the most experience girl at Charlotte Chelsea escorts off. He certainly managed to turn me off.


Why do some guys have such weird sexual fantasies? I am not sure where all of these guys get their sexual fantasies from, but out of the many guys I have met at Charlotte Chelsea escorts, I would say that a few of them need help. This guy certainly needed some help, and I told him that I thought so. He looked at me in a very strange way, and told me that I was the first girl from a Charlotte Chelsea escorts who had told him to see a sex therapist. To be honest, I felt like taking him myself, but I did not want him inĀ  my car.


I have a few sexual fantasies of my own but they are not like any of like the crazy fantasies of this guy. Do I tell my Charlotte Chelsea escorts dates about my fantasies? I do but then again, they are not anything freaky like the guy I just asked to leave my Charlotte Chelsea escorts boudoir. If I had fantasies like that, I think that I would have to do something about them, and take to a therapist or see a doctor. Sometimes you have to realise you need help.


Did this guy realise that he needed help? No, I don’t think that he appreciated that his fantasies were out of the ordinary. I told him that I thought that they were weird but he did not batter an eye lid. Instead he told me that he had had them for a very long time, and rather liked having them. Would the other Charlotte Chelsea escorts I work with done the same thing? I think that they would have kicked the guy out. We are a tolerant lot, but there is only so far that you can go on a date. This guy really overstepped the mark, and in all honesty, I think that he realised that. I would rather date a guy who has got some fantasies that I can deal with them, and which do not make me feel like running a mile. Believe me, there was nothing sexy about these fantasies…

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